Our combination hunts have been incredibly successful and below are some pictures.

Virgil Hannig's Caribou

Virgil Hannig's Black Bear
“The hunt was one of the most gratifying experiences I have ever had in the field. The accommodations, food & attentiveness to my needs exceeded any guided hunt I have been on before or since.” - Virgil Hannig, IL 618-529-1562



P.O. Box 123
Soldotna, Alaska 99669
Phone: (907) 262-9249
Cell: (907) 398-6403
Fax: (907) 262-8867

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Roger's 65" Alaska Moose
Roger's 65" Moose & Caribou
Roger's Caribou

Kurt Gabler's Caribou
Nice Caribou and 64” Moose - Kurt Gabler,
Austria 43-1-7995098

Kurt Gabler's 64" Alaska Moose

Manfred Bockenheimer's Black Bear Manfred Bockenheimer's Caribou
Manfred Bockenheimer's Wolverine

“I appreciate Dave’s perfect knowledge of the hunting laws, the wildlife resource, & the rules of being a hunting guide. The hunting area & the hunt itself
were both carefully organized.”
Manfred Bockenheimer, Germany

Liesel Schwarze's Alaska Moose

Liesel Schwarze's Alaska Caribou

Liesel Schwarze

“You made it possible that Liesel was able
to shoot a big moose, a bear, & a caribou.
I have hunted in Germany & round the world
since I was a child & I can tell you, you are
an excellent guide. We both thank you again.”

 Rigobert (Rio) Schwarze, Germany
01149 221-8900818

Paul Parés Alaska Grizzly Bear Paul Parés Alaska Moose Paul Parés Alaska Wolf  Paul Parés Alaska Caribou

“I found Mr. Haeg to be reliable, honest, & courteous in my dealings with him. He did not over-embellish to sell his hunts, & offered excellent references (successful & unsuccessful), to verify his statements. He is the type of person one enjoys doing business with & because of his integrity, I plan to hunt with him again in the future.” - Paul Paré, FL 772-286-9522

8’ 4” Grizzly & 64” Moose - “I have hunted in Africa, Russia, Newfoundland, British Columbia, Ontario, & all over the U.S. That said, Dave Haeg is the most professional, ethical, guide/outfitter that I have ever hunted with — bar none!” Royce James, TX281-370-9333

Bob Pontius 9'6" Alaska Brown Bear    Bob Pontius 70" Alaska Moose

Day one 70” moose, day two 9’ 6” Brown Bear - Bob Pontius, MI 248-363-5744

10’ 2” Brown Bear & 64” Moose
Jochen Gartz, Germany —00492804-237

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